The concept for TORCHGRIP® was born from the desire to create a functional one-handed grip/stand accessory that complemented the original design beauty of the tablet computer. It all began in the Spring of 2010, the day after Apple released their first-generation iPad tablet. Apple released the iPad on a Friday and James Pollex purchased one of the very first units available in the Fox Cities. James was so enthralled with the new device that he spent the entire next day, a Saturday, exploring all the features and using the new iPad tablet. While he loved the design and functionality of the new device, like many of us, he experienced fatigue in his arms and hands from holding the tablet all day long. An extensive internet search did not yield any real solutions so James began sketching a one-handed grip/stand accessory for the tablet that day. In the next 6 months James illustrated and refined the sketches on a computer before filing for patent protection. James received a design and a utility patent for the product.

In 2011, the journey to prototyping and product development was undertaken. James spent much time testing and refining decorative prototypes. In Fall of 2011, James traveled to Peru on a church mission trip and it was on this trip that he met his current business partner Bryan. The partners founded TecDriven, LLC in 2014 to begin the process of manufacturing the multi-purpose tablet accessory. The TORCHGRIP® product was launched in early 2016 and it is made possible by leveraging an ecosystem of partners. The TORCHGRIP® was purposely designed to fit most tablets on the market.

TORCHGRIP® is proudly made in the heartland of the USA. When we apply the “Made in the USA” logo to our product, it is not as a marketing ploy. We are committed to delivering a top-quality product and enhancing your tablet usage experience. With our rich innovation and manufacturing heritage, making TORCHGRIP® in the USA is a primary reason we can deliver a quality product directly to you.

TecDriven, LLC

TecDriven, first and foremost, is a company of people passionate about sharing our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to make the world a better place for electronic device enthusiasts. TecDriven designs, manufactures and markets accessories for the electronic device market. We do this with an ecosystem of Wisconsin-based partners and suppliers that are closely connected and committed to helping us bring our products to market. Together, we are focused on building technology accessories to enable a mobile lifestyle.

TecDriven Ecosystem Partners

TecDriven relies on an ecosystem of partners to address various aspects of the business, including contract manufacturing, product packaging, fulfillment, social media development and go-to- market strategies. Some of our partners are: