Frequently asked questions

TORCHGRIP was designed to fit nearly all tablets, tablet cases and e-readers. If your device is at least 4.25” (108mm) in both height and width and the back surface is clean, flat, and smooth to mildly textured, TORCHGRIP will fit and work well with your device.

TORCHGRIP was designed to give you a truly mobile experience with your tablet. The grip was designed to fit the human hand for those on the go while at the same time becoming an adjustable stand the moment you set your tablet down. Additionally, the ultra-light 2.6 oz. (74 gm) TORCHGRIP mounts on the center of your tablet making it feel lighter by balancing its weight in your hand. This allows you to comfortably and securely use your device in many positions for long periods of time.

No. The grip was designed to fit most hand sizes by providing well placed contours to ergonomically fit the human hand. Youth and adults, alike, can enjoy TORCHGRIP!

Once you’ve determined TORCHGRIP will fit and work with your device, start by laying your tablet face-down on a clean cloth and follow the instructions on the mounting template that came with your purchase. This will give you a long lasting, secure installation of your new TORCHGRIP. You can view and print a new instructional mounting template by clicking here and watch a how-to installation video by clicking here.

Yes, this is one of the advantages of owning a TORCHGRIP! You can remove the TORCHGRIP base assembly from one device and transfer it to another by purchasing a TORCHGRIP® Adhesive Kit (click here to purchase). This kit will include removal instructions, a new instructional mounting template, one new mounting adhesive ring along with everything else you need to successfully transfer your TORCHGRIP to you new device.  You can watch a how-to installation video by clicking here.

Yes. The TORCHGRIP base assembly can attach to a tablet case or shell in the same manner as you would attach it directly to a tablet. It is important to note that you may compromise TORCHGRIP’s secure hold feature if the case or shell pops off the tablet while in use so make sure your case or shell fit snug and secure to your device.

Otterbox sells tablet cases and Luvvitt sells TPU tablet shells that work with TORCHGRIP®

Yes, some grip designs will be sold as TORCHGRIP® Grip-only product and may even be exclusive as Grip-only product (i.e., not available in TORCHGRIP Kits).

There are several advantages to owning more than one grip such as replacing a lost, damaged or stolen grip and to provide a personal grip for multiple users of a tablet device. Additionally, as your personal style changes, update your TORCHGRIP by simply adding to your collection of grips.

Yes! TecDriven will be adding to the portfolio of TORCHGRIP designs to accommodate many design styles of our customers. This will be an ongoing process and you can expect to see new TORCHGRIP Kits and Grips every three to six months.

Because tablets and other electronic devices with the TORCHGRIP are very stylish, most users just set the device on a table in the reclined position when not in use. It’s ready to go when you are! If you want to stow it away in your personal carrying bag/folio while on the move, your grip is easily removed by a simple push of a button.

Your TORCHGRIP’s unique design has no adjustment screws so you can quickly and easily rotate the grip to any desired position to best view your device.

At this time, we are only able to ship to U.S. locations.