James Pollex – TORCHGRIP® Inventor

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is James Pollex and I’m a part business owner of a company called TecDriven, LLC and serve as Chief Design Officer. I am the inventor of a product called TORCHGRIP®.

My background was formally in the Printing, Packaging and Graphic Design Industries. I would consider myself an authority with image and vector art manipulation as well as digital content management after serving as an Electronic Pre-Press Operator and Graphic Artist since the birth of desktop publishing in 1983. So yes…that makes me 50 something.

Spending that many years near computers and people for the sake of printed communication materials and packaging, I’ve been exposed to a broad potpourri of personalities, computer users, talent, lifestyles, software, hardware and now devices.James Pollex Blog Article

TORCHGRIP® In Everyday Life

This blog will take a deep look at how a broad range of people use tablets in their business, profession & daily lifestyle in order to understand the needs of a wide range of users. We’ll capture that observation and outline what are common needs, then point to certain accessories that deliver solutions the best.

Along the way we will be making some references to smartphone, laptop and desktop computer technology. The bridges between these devices will be clear at times, and grey during other times. This is primarily because today’s computer users choose several devices in different combinations.

We’ll take a closer look and focus on purpose or tasks, physical usage, challenges and portability of using a tablet.

We’ll also discuss more about collaboration and how it’s defined, and this may shed light on some struggles and help cultivate decision making which most users deal with when buying a tablet and accessories that pair well with it.

We will talk about how tablet technology can assist most everyone.

In future TORCHGRIP® blog articles, we’ll be talking about:

The tablet buying experience; business & professional, lifestyle and physical usage of tablets; art and creativity; productivity; music; gaming & entertainment; choices in accessories from cases to shells, skins, stands, holders, handles, mounts and more.

We’ll also talk about ergonomics, styling, versatility, innovation, empowerment, and the price you pay for it all.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog and take a clean look at how I have used and would prefer to use modern devices like a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Many people will find this totally subjective and that’s fine, I would rather lead by saying, ”This is only how I see things, but please use the information as you see fit and comment at your leisure.”

So I’ll cut to the chase and here’s my rather short opinion, as I list some of the differences and capabilities of each type of device, there are common ground uses like typing/texting, video and photography, getting creative, reading a book or article, your email etc.

For now, you can see our product solution for tablets by visiting www.torchgrip.com, and please like TORCHGRIP® on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Thanks for reading,

James Pollex